Welcome to Alli-Barr Arabians

Alli-Barr Arabians, breeders of Straight Egyptian Arabian horses, is owned by Barry Dearle and located just outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

It is our goal here at Alli~Barr Arabians to carry on the bloodlines of great foundation mares and stallions of the desert and horses of Straight Egyptian breeders worldwide; and to perpetuate this glorious animal that allows us to share in their lives. To breed sound, correct, beautiful, tractable horses is not an easy task but a challenge we accept and look forward to in years to come.

To date only some of our goals have been met; we look forward to a promising future and to “Ride With The Wind”.

We invite you to browse our beautiful broodmares, read up on the stallions we have used in our breeding program, or visit our sales list.

Visitors are welcome, we look forward to hearing from you! Contact us here.


Alli-Barr, the namesake for Alli-Barr Arabians